Our Hibiscus Cranberry Granola recipe is a delicious blend of whole grain oats, almonds, cranberries, and nutritious seeds, enhanced with vibrant beet powder and fragrant hibiscus.

Oats provide fiber and complex carbohydrates, while almonds and the variety of seeds offer a healthy dose of protein and essential fats. Add in the antioxidants from beet powder and hibiscus, and you've got a breakfast option that's as good for your body as it is for your taste buds.

Enjoy the crunchy and flavor packed Cranberry Hibiscus Granola together with chilled Koatji milk.



4 cups of Rolled Oats, whole grain

1 ½ cup of chopped almonds 

½ cup of Sunflower seeds 

½ cup of Pumpkin seeds 

½ cup of Buckwheat seeds

½ cup of Hemp seeds, shelled 

¼ cup of sesame seeds 

1 ½ tablespoon of Chia seeds

Pinch of sea salt 

1 cup of Cranberries, dried 

1 tablespoon of Cassava Flour 

1 ½ tablespoon of Virgin Olive oil 

½ cup of honey or other sweetener 

¼ cup of water 

½ cup of Hibsicus, dried 

½ cup of Beet root powder


1. Mix together all seeds, almonds, oats and salt in a bowl.

2. Add water, honey, cassava flour and olive oil in a pot and heat slowly while stirring until it thickness and it is transparent.

3. Add the cassava “starch” to the granola mix and make sure to mix it well.

4. Place the granola on a baking sheet and bake for about 3 x 20 minutes at 300 F until golden (stir every 20 min).

5. Let it cool down and mix in cranberries.

6. Blend the Hibiscus with Beet Root Powder till a fine powder and add a tablespoon of the powder to the granola.

Serve with chilled Koatji milk.